Starship Somatics

Starship Somatics engage our bodymindspirits as portals, as trance-mobiles that honor pasts and jet us toward speculative futures, among the stars, in flux and transformation. These technique classes use improvised movement (inner and outer movement, as is accessible and appropriate to you), dream journeys, sounding, writing, and drawing as our transportation devices: firmly grounded in the sensory immediacy of our beds, sofas, floors and windows, and flying wide to honor ways of being of all kinds. All welcome, grounded in disability culture values.

Regular standalone Starship Somatics sessions at Turtle Disco - check our online calendar

From September 12 2022 onward till early December, noon on Monday: weekly free Starship Somatics sessions as part of Movement Research

Development periods: dance retreats, July 2022 at the Ellis-Beauregard Artist Residency, Rockland, Maine (declined due to COVID), and at The Croft Dance Residency, August 2022, Up North, Michigan, with Stephanie Heit and Charli Brissey (creation of Starship Somatics: An Invitation, a dancevideo).

Discussions of Starship Somatics: at IFTR, the International Federation for Theatre Research, Iceland, as part of the Disability and Performance Working Group (June 2022), Sentient Performativities (UK, June 2022, online), Performance Studies international (July 2022), plenary presentation at ASTR New Orleans (November 2022).

Last week-long Starship Somatics: Speculative Embodiment, July 11-15 2022, through Movement Research (online), with guest artists Elisabeth Motley and Kayla Hamilton:

Initial development: Starship Somatics at Movement Research, NYC (virtual offering, MELT January 2022, MELT July 2021)

Audio glimpses of a sample session below: enjoy the space flight!

(general description of audio:

An audio meditation, put on a space suit for protection, feel the earth beneath your floor, touch it gently, enjoy our beauty, ground yourself. Then spin! In your body, in your mind, standing or sitting, around your sitzbones or in your imagination, gathering energy. A dance of spinning energy before LAUNCH! Dream, dance in the ecstasy of launch energy, dreaming another world. Go on a space travel jaunt together. We enjoy a ritual of entry into a starship. How does the starship, the kinship, the mothership, the lovership make you welcome? Experience the multiple ways in which the starship welcomes you, and your particular bodymindspirit. Drift over to the plant room of the starship. Enter and be welcomed among the plants. (every day, we visit with a different room in the starship). What plants welcome you? Here is your home soil. Can you smell it? Can you feel it? What land is it?

Recorded live during MELT July 2021)

First Starship journey.m4a

Up for more somatic work, in COVID times?

  1. Here is a Memory Crystal exercise, an ecosomatic choreo-poem.

It is part of the University of California Santa Cruz's 3 Minutes Moving (3MM) Project. "3MM provides easy access to physical engagement with three-minute movement experiences presented by master teachers in dance, martial arts, and contemplative movement practices. These practices are for every body; no previous movement training is needed."

You can find the written description of the exercise at the Black Earth Institute's blog on COVID hopes.

  1. Here are four short poems and an introduction about connections between somatics, environment, non-human others and poetry in pandemic times:

Zoom Somatics and Four Poems

  1. Since the COVID pandemic started, I have so enjoyed re-connecting with a technique form I love: Skinner Releasing. Given Zoomy Somatics, I have been able to join sessions led by Julie Mayo, Yvonne Meier, Stephanie Skura, and more. That becomes my writing practice, too - and here is a poem that is a semi-finalist for Cid Pearlman's (home)Body poetry/performance project: Isolation/Skinner Releasing, more of my writing with spider senses, how I move inside my home outward, as 'portals open,' as 'synth riffs up doors to stars.'

  1. And here is a link to an essay to performance work from the Before-Times, about the way we can think about somatics, movement and environments together - the pre-cursor to Starship Somatics.

Crip Geographies (description of movement processes)

This jointly written essay (with my collaborator Stephanie Heit ) presents what happened in a Movement Research workshop we led in New York City, part of the Asylum Project, a multi-year query into disability, madness, boundaries, what asylum means in all its facets, somatics and politics. It is published in Ecotone, an ecological magazine, and publications like these are part of my audiencing strategies: sharing our disability culture approaches and movement scores with others beyond local and immediate audiences.